Low Emission Development Strategies (LEDS)

A low emission development strategy is the foundation for climate-smart, transformative development. The USAID LEAD program works with Asian governments, businesses, and others to prepare and implement LEDS. The program provides analytical tools, models, training, demonstration projects, and scientific support for effective, low-emissions strategies at the regional, national, and local levels.

What is a LEDS?

A LEDS is a country-led and country-specific national strategic analysis and planning process covering all economic sectors for promoting economic growth while reducing long-term GHG emission trajectories. At a practical level, a LEDS is the strategic framework, based on sound analytical foundations, that articulates concrete actions, policies, programs, and implementation plans to promote economic growth over the long term in a way that lowers a country’s GHG emissions from what they would be if the country carried on with business as usual. LEDS are voluntary and non-binding. Because each country has unique national circumstances and priorities, each country develops and drives its own LEDS strategy.

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